New to hiring Kirks Window Cleaning?

Here's a few things to know:

1. Hard water removal is a separate service we provide. Window cleaning isn't made to remove hard water staining.

2. Window cleaning service includes screens, outside tracks, and glass (inside tracks are extra charge, there is more work involved cleaning inside tracks.)

3. If it's valuable and blocking the window please remove it if you can so I can clean the window.

4. You have a 7-day warranty on all glass cleaned.

5. There is a minimum charge on all work according to location, check the price page for rates.

6. I highly recommend cleaning both inside and outside for best results. I clean the inside last and I catch my mistakes cleaning the inside.

7. If you see something on the glass after the service, and I didn't service the inside, please clean the glass first before calling.

8. Outside only cleaning may not have a warranty. If I can't see what I am doing I am not responsible for not seeing the mistake because the inside is too dirty. Service provider may refuse to clean if it is too dirty to see.

9. All glass polishing, and hard water removal must sign a glass waver.

10. All credit or debit cards will be charged a fee for processing. Higher the bill, higher the fee. It will be disclosed how much before you're charged.

11. No sales tax is charged for being a cleaning service, not required in the state of Washington to charge sales tax as a cleaning service.